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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Praying for strength

Today I am just praying for strength and guidance from God. I need direction and the knowledge to deal with an unruly tween. I have a hard time dealing with disrespect from children as it is something I never really experienced growing up or put up with when I got older before moving to this wonderful country. But nowadays it seems the norm and the fact that we have to put up with it because of the many tree huggers is appalling.
I said this 12 years ago and I will say it again. It is because of the lack of discipline in the home that we have created a generation of ill-mannered and disrespectful children. Parents are doing more harm than good by not disciplining the children properly.

There is no "Fine Line" between Discipline and Abuse, there is a distinct difference and there is nothing wrong with a good spanking on the butt when it is required. This country was built on Christian fundamentals and it is sad that we have not followed the word of God and kept this beautiful country the way that the founding fathers meant it to be.

And yes for all those that will say "What about Freedom of religion"? Well nothing is said that you cannot practice your beliefs, but the country was built on Christian beliefs and fundamentals and that should be honored and respected just as freedom of religion is. The problem lies in when that religion you have freedom of pursuing becomes a national threat to the safety of the country you have decided to live in and serve.

Oh and another "Rant" that I have is that this beautiful country we live in also speaks "ENGLISH" nobody is saying that you have to speak English in your own home, but when you converse and communicate with the nationals of the country learn to speak their language which is "ENGLISH"

Well enough for now.... I need to relax and spend some time talking to my God in English and ask him for some guidance in my inner turmoil with a few issues at hand.

Have a Blessed day and may God keep you safe in your daily duties and travels.

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