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Monday, May 2, 2011

Yesterdays Breaking News

Ok so we finally got Osama Bin Laden. The questions I have are now....
1. It took us 10 years to get him, so just how much more planning and knowledge transfer have we allowed him?
2. Why has it been this difficult to track down a fugitive with such a high bounty on his head?
3. Is it going to take another 10 years to get the inner circle taken care of?
4. We are at war, do you think they give a damn about where we would be hiding if the roles were reversed. We lost close to 3000 innocent civilians in one foul swoop from them. So what if they lose 100 because they use them to hide behind? THIS IS A WAR

Those are my prime questions. You can be assured that there are many more. Some people may think I am not compassionate but I have lived through terrorism and if you are not going to get the job done once and for all then just sit back and be prepared to lose many more loved ones in time to come.

Ok so the Monday rant is done.
God Bless everyone and God Bless America.

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