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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been a while

Yes it has been a while since my last blog but life does happen :)

Well I have been praying and listening for God's message to me and on Sunday I came to realize that being totally angry and judgmental towards those that do you wrong is not in tune with my Christian beliefs. I have therefore taken it upon myself to forgive those that have done me wrong over the past month. However, forgiving them does not mean that I am not going to pursue my actions in getting what is rightfully owed to me from the company Insurexx LLC which is in reality an extension of the company Homestead Contracting LLC which in all intent and purposes was run and managed by the husband and wife team of Diane Vernon aka Diane Schoeller aka Diane Wolfson  and Jeffrey Wolfson.

I cannot lay all the blame of my current situation on these two people as I should have done some research on the individuals and the company before accepting Mr. Wolfson's offer of employment. Then when God presented me with the second "RED FLAG"  being my increase in pay after a month on the job and proving myself to be an asset to the company in the position of IT/Security Manager, well that then is my fault :/ But of course the Lord God still continued to show me stuff that I did not heed and finally after not getting paid for 4 weeks, I finally got the head punch that God did not want me to get and resigned from the position.

The most amazing thing now is that I have heard down the grape vine that all the employees that left and resigned because of the situation, were actually fired by Diane Schoeller because nobody was doing the work and just caused the company all the financial problems they are in......CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WOMAN. Oh and she has since around the end of August filed for divorce from Jeffrey Wolfson to try and do some damage control that has not really worked too well.

One thing I have learned from this ordeal and looking at my life also from some previous experiences, a leopard never changes it's spots.

So in light of all this I have contacted the Missouri and the Federal labor boards and filed complaints against Mrs Schoeller and the companies Homestead Contracting LLC and Insurexx LLC as well as the small claims court for the $1000 she shorted me on a payment she made last Friday. One thing she did not or does not take into account is that there is a distinct difference between working as a Hourly and Salary position in a company. DIANE....I was a SALARIED employee with Insurexx NOT HOURLY. This is why you should do the hiring and not have left it up to Jeffrey Wolfson to do the interviews and negotiating for the positions we all were hired for.

Well, I am done on my soap box for this edition of my blog :) and hope and pray that you all have a fantastic week and please look out for those that are wolves in sheep's clothing.

God Bless you all and keep you safe

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