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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old and Broken

Well I guess you need to stop falling down when you get older :)

I took a tumble down the stairs last night while trying to get a chair moved outside for our Fire Pit get together and today I feel like I just got rode over by a train. Guess I am not as agile as I was 20 years ago. I really do hope to get more mobile by tomorrow as I need to get to work and earn a paycheck :/

Also have some side work (Website and some coding) that needs to get taken care of. I am sure I could work on some of that today as it does not involve much moving around at all. I am working on a cool site for a cool business,  Check it out. I do also need to make some web changes to Think Bolivar.

Another thing to consider if you are looking for a cool gift this season for anyone is to check out Bolivar Wickless.

God Bless you all and till next time, stay safe and love one another.

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