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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

The past week has been a fantastic testament of the power of God through prayer. My family and I have gone through a week of trials and tribulations and through it all by the Grace of God and the prayers of many friends and family, God has again prevailed and shown me just how wonderful he is and how wonderful life is when we proclaim him.

I feel deep in my heart a calling to go out and perform Gods ministry to those that I feel are in need of real life testament and it is something that I truly want to do. There are a few obstacles in my path of achieving this and I feel with some prayer and proclaiming this to God he will remove these obstacles and lay the path ahead for me to go out and Glorify His Name.

I want to start a prison ministry going every Sunday and one week evening to the county jails and ministering to those that want and seek the word of God.

I would like some input from anyone who can help in guiding me to the correct officials I need to communicate with to get into these facilities and be able to share the word of God with them. I would like to start off in Benton County Arkansas and Polk County Missouri by alternating the weekends going to each facility.

There is such a need for the gospel in these locations and I want to be there for those in need.

Thank you all for your time and I ask that you pray with me on this that God can be Glorified and people will give their lives to the Lord and go out and do his work and lead by example.

God Bless and may you all have a fantastic weekend ahead.

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