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Monday, November 21, 2011

Great end to a fantastic weekend

Last night my wife and I attended the Hillsong Live concert held at the James River Assembly in Ozark MO. We had such a great time in worship and the auditorium was packed full. It is really great to be able to sing and worship God with so many like minded people in one place. God is so awesome. That made for a great end and a fantastic beginning to a new week.

I am so pumped this week and with the absolute belief that God is Able, I am ready to move yet another step closer to doing His Will and moving forward with Prison Faith Ministry. I am feeling that this is not just going to be a Prison Ministry as in reaching out to inmates but also a Ministry for those who are in a prison of addiction or torment. This though I will leave in God's hands till he instructs me to broaden the ministry.

With that I wish you all a great week and remember God loves each and every one of us. Have Faith, Believe and Stand Fast in the realization that God is Able.

God Bless.

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