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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lets Praise God every waking moment.

I have been browsing the Internet and reading some Blog posts this morning and deep down I am a little sad to read that most people are moved by the gospel music sung by a lot of musicians and at that point praise the Lord and give all their problems and requests to the Lord but then cease to continue and worship Him every day.

We need to share the Gospel and be Faithful to Jesus everyday when things are good or bad. Bad things will happen around us and to us because these are the ways we learn and when we have Jesus at the helm of our life then we can learn and move on and be stronger in the Faith and knowledge that with all things that come our we we are able to overcome them in Jesus Name. Remember that just when you think there is no way out, GOD IS ABLE. God is able to overcome and defeat anything in this world and beyond.

I encourage you with all my being that if you believe in the Lord to pursue His greatness and follow him. Get into a good Bible based Church or Fellowship and make God the focal point of your life and great things will come to you.

I pray everyday for God's Blessing on everyone and that we can have our eyes and hearts opened to Him and start living the good life in Love and Harmony with God.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and that the rest of your week goes well.
God Bless.

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