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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ups and Downs

This has been one of those very up and down weekends. It has been one of those that has come to make me sit back and realize that no matter what the situation is, God always prevails and works things out in HIS way not our way. God is awesome.

One thing I can say with conviction is that we as human beings and live in sin need to start rethinking things over before we take action. This is true for everything we do, especially things we say. Words are a two edged sword  that once you swing it you can never take back the damage that it causes.

I have a refreshed faith in many things this evening and I am so grateful for God's Grace and Mercy on my family and myself as well as our church family. I do however want to pursue and hopefully plant a seed in our church for a place or venue that our older group of church members can hang out and share things together. I feel that sometimes I just want to hang with my own age group that has a little more life experience and not necessarily more spiritual experience.(Although that would be perfect)

So in closing my weekend ramble I just want to wish you all a fantastic weekend and may God guide you with wisdom.

God Bless.

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