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Friday, January 18, 2013

A time to change.

I do believe that it is never to late to change in all aspects of our lives. I personally am thinking about a change in career. I was sitting and praying this morning and had a long chat with God about what I could do to enhance myself and do more for the ones I love and those that I am yet to meet.God has always been there for my family, friends and myself and has never failed us.

I am getting burned out on the Computer/IT field that I have spent most of my life doing and would like to get into a career where I have more face to face with people and the public and where I can do more for individuals or families. 

Ha.... Maybe I should get into politics :). Not that I have a clue on where to start, but I think I could do some good in that line. I cannot become president as I am not a naturalized US citizen but I could end up as Governor (Just like Arnold) or was that possible due to him being married into the Kennedy family? Who knows but I would take a shot at it :). One thing is for sure that one needs to start off small so I am going to do some research. Any takers wanting to run a financial campaign for me? LOL

Well on a more serious side. I would like to find a few guys in Bolivar that would be interested in starting a Men's Bible Study/Prayer group. I was thinking about maybe meeting on a Saturday for breakfast somewhere in town and sharing in the Word. We used to do this with our Church but it kinda fizzled out and I would love to get it started back up and be a more permanent occurrence.  If this is something that you would like to do or know someone that is interested please feel free to email me and we can get something set up.

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