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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 2013

New year and new goals. Some of us need some motivation while others just roll on down the hill :) I am personally on a mission to accomplish several milestones this year and I will get around to sharing some of them in the weeks to come. The one big milestone is to really work on developing and expanding Bolivar Worm Farm. This will be a great challenge that I look forward to and to work on the website as well as expand on the operation and hopefully get it to where I can have it function year round.

Of course the biggest challenge as with any business is the finances and that will have to be really handled well to be able to get into a climate controlled environment for the operation. As soon as we can achieve that milestone we should not have many other obstacles to overcome.

We do encourage people to keep an eye on the Website as well as join us on Facebook and of course follow this blog and be kept up to date with our progress.

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