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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tired of Monopolies

I am so tired of the poor crappy service you get from a provider when they have the monopoly in the area. We have had issues with our internet service now for the past several weeks and when ever you do get through to the provider they come up with the lame excuse that there is a latency issue in our area.

I have worked in the IT/Computer field for over 18 years now and I have never had any issue whether it was a hardware or a software issue last for more than 72 hours before resolving an issue. Another fine thing I found out was that this company supplies the Sagemcom F@st 1704 Router/Modem device which I discovered today is no longer supported by the manufacturer. I just cannot figure out how they can actually operate like that.

I suppose it is now just a waiting game to see how things turn out. Wish me luck :)

God Bless everyone and I hope you have a good end to the week.

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