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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Weekend has gone.

So as yet another weekend is coming to a close. Nothing too productive to report for the past week. Just worked a bit on the Farm website. Still not feeling the love when it come to concentrating at the moment. Arm is still giving me grief and although I feel that the Physio Therapy is helping a bit, it is still a slow and long process.

It just gets very frustrating when just the simple daily tasks like making a bed, passing the sugar bowl, lifting a cup of coffee etc is a chore. The other thing is not having any income yet from benefits and Workers Comp. This is starting to really become a stressful situation as bills and general living expenses are mounting up. I am praying that the deposition on the 21st will be favorable and I can start getting some compensation and paying some bills.

Besides that, the rest is going great and still working on some plans for expanding the rabbitry when I am able to function a little better. Our vegetable garden and the chickens are doing great. We are up to 4 eggs a day now so that helps out a bit when it comes to breakfast :)

I am very thankful for a loving family and am grateful that no matter what has happened, God has always been there for us all. I know God has greater plans for us all and the fact that we still go on everyday is a testament that he is working for us and making things happen.

God Bless everyone and give Thanks and Praise as we head into this next week.

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