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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day of Reflection

Many of us take the Sunday and spend it with family and friends. Many of us go to church for a spiritual refreshing. For the most part we take Sunday to relax and get ready for the week ahead of us. Sunday is mainly our day of reflection in what ever manner we decide to do it.

I have personally started to take time out to read something. I am not your bookworm type of guy and prefer to get things in audio book form :) but recently I have attempted to read more.

I have spent the last few days just relaxing and doing some reading. I was given the book "The Four Agreements" a practical guide to Personal Freedom written by Don Miguel Ruiz. I must say that it has opened up a whole new perspective on my life and I have had a huge release of stress by just practicing some of the lessons explained in this book. It is really simple and yet very powerful. The four agreements are really so logical and practical to follow yet most of us do not see it or are not willing to follow it. Here it is in the basics....

1) The First Agreement : Be Impeccable With Your Word
2) The Second Agreement : Don't Take Anything Personally
3) The Third Agreement : Don't Make Assumptions
4) The Forth Agreement : Always Do Your Best

That is it. Now the hardest part is to put this all into action and work at it. It is a book I am adding to my collection of must reads. You can get it on Amazon and you can also get the Audio Book on iTunes

If you have read this book, I would be interested on what you thought about it. Please feel free to either post a reply here or hit me up on Facebook and let me know.

I love you all and may you have an AWESOME week ahead. God Bless.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's talk labels

So over the past week or so I have been giving a lot of thought about labels. We all label ourselves and each other with various labels. Some are very demeaning and some are encouraging.

One label I want to really break down and discuss in this blog post is the "I'm a Christian" label.

This is going to be a hard one to swollow for many people. It was one that really started to make me think about myself to start with. I have always considered mysel a Christian because of my beliefs and acceptance of the word of God, and this is how a majority of people look at it. However I have taken a stance now that I am just a man of faith. I say this because I believe that until such time as we can truly change our ways and really live our lives as Christ did and the apostles were while Jesus was here with them, we cannot call ourselves Chritians. A Christian is a person that lives, works and serves others in a Christ like manner 24/7. I know we all do our best and try to live this way but we are just humans and we fail miserably at the task. Therefore I say that we are all people of faith and strive to follow the Christian ways but it does not make us Christians until such time as we have mastered the art of living Christ like.

So with that being my point of view and with the heart that I do not take things personally I would really love to hear your points of view on this topic as I believe we all have something to share on the subject and the more we share the more we can all learn.

God bless everyone and may we all strive to learn the truth.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On a quest.

Well folks I am on a quest to get to know myself. Sounds strange to many I am sure. What I mean by this, is that I believe that we are all part of the entire universe and because God is the father and creator of the universe, we are all connected in some way. Therefore if I am to explore myself and create a better understanding of who I really am and find my inner self I feel that I can be a much better person and be more of an asset to the people around me.

I have just completed reading "The Four Agreements" and I think that this book is really what has inspired me to really work on this quest. I would encourage you to get and read this book or even download the audio book from YouTube. You might just be really surprised about just how much you are not aware of :)

Well that is my Tuesday Blog for you all. God Bless and may you all have a great week.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What if?

We'll I been doing a whole lot of soul searching. I have been going through hours of  presentations. I have been to many different churches and have started to read different interpretations of the bible and the gospels. Of everything I have started to study I find one common denominator with it all and that is that there is a creator. That is where the stories then start to take different paths.

So my question I ask myself is....." What if we have all got this wrong."

I personally believe that there is no doubt in my mind that there is a creator of the universe and everything within it. I think that with the fact that God (The Creator) has given us free will that we have got lost in translation and have gone our own separate ways. While we all still base our foundation on God we have branched into many man made beliefs and laws around the spiritual and biblical concepts. It is about time that the world sits down and takes a hard look at the basics again and restructures the way we are heading to avoid the catastrophic ending we are heading towards.

I would suggest we all get on our knees and pray to God (creator of the universe) and ask seriously for some direction on where we should be heading and slow our lives down a little and open our eyes to see the answer that is given to us. I think we miss so many answers and opportunities because we are always in such a rush in our lives. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters

Please take a look at this video and share it with everyone. I do not think this is a RANT at all and I think this man has his head in the right place, People need to spread this video so we can get it noticed and played on national media outlets. I just wish people thought like him, we would not have all the BS that goes on and the arsehole cops (And yes there are many of them) would be stumped and have nothing to do. Looting and Rioting just gives the morons an excuse to use their powers and when it escalates it get innocent people hurt for no reason. SO PLEASE LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO GO VIRAL. #Ferguson #DontShoot #Handsup #Anonymous #Police


Friday, August 8, 2014

The results are in......

Well folks the results all in. I have to say that that was the most delicious prep food I think I have tasted yet. The aroma while cooking was very pleasing. The meal was really tasty and there is definitely enough for 4 decent sized servings. I do recommend that if you are looking for a good quality product to go ahead and check out Food 4 Patriots. They also have some great special offers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and I'm definitely looking forward to making up the next next packet sometime over the weekend. 

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and remember to check me out on Facebook and Twitter.
Until the next post God bless.

First meal being prepared

So I'm in the process of cooking up the first meal. I am going to do the blue ribbon cheesy rice. Looks like the total prep time is aprox 35.minutes depending on how quickly you get the water to boil. 1 pack has a serving of 4 so this is quite a bit of food. I will have another post up a little later on the outcome.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First food storage pack arrived

Well my first test pack has arrived and I am really looking forward to trying it out so that I can give you all a report on the quality and taste of the product. I purchased a 72 hour supply to try out before I invest more money for a longer period of time.

Like most people I am rather picky about what I eat because I like to have at least something that tastes good if I am going to have to live under conditions that I am not used to. With that said I will give you a full and honest report once I have sampled this product.

I will have the report up within the next 48 hours so please check back for my report. You can follow my blog by entering your email in the box to the right. You can also join me on Facebook.

Thank you for reading my blog. God Bless and you all have a good upcoming weekend.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Food Storage and survival Kits

So many people have been contemplating the idea of food storage and disaster awareness. Many people also scoff at the idea of being prepared for any sort of disaster or incident where they may be without power or utilities for a short to an extended period of time.

This is not a joking matter and can happen to any of us at any time. Just take a moment and research things going on today that can effect us like the water issue in Toledo. There are many instances that can cause us to be without sustainable resources and we need to start taking precautions and building our own survival resources for those times.

There are many things to consider when developing your survival strategy. Most important is the extended period should any disaster occur. It is easy to purchase Food kits for your family and depending on what storage space you have and what your finances are you can purchase kits that last a year or more. But that food will eventually run out and so this brings me and you to the extended survival resources. What I am talking about is a survival garden.

Here is a quote from Food4Patriots

"During a time of crisis, there may (or may not) eventually be government assistance that can provide some basic food items… but the type of food that will be the hardest to come by will be fresh fruit and vegetables. By having a survival garden, you will be able to provide your family with fresh produce without having to rely on help from outside sources. It’s the prefect complement to your emergency food stockpile."

I do believe that this is something that should be taken serious and that we all have a responsibility to research and make our own conclusions to what is beneficial for our own circumstances.

I will be bringing you more information and product reviews on this subject. I have started to get survival products for myself that I will test and then give you a review of what my experiences are related to those products.

I invite you to follow my Blog or Facebook page to get the reviews when they are posted. Thank you and God Bless.