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Monday, August 4, 2014

Food Storage and survival Kits

So many people have been contemplating the idea of food storage and disaster awareness. Many people also scoff at the idea of being prepared for any sort of disaster or incident where they may be without power or utilities for a short to an extended period of time.

This is not a joking matter and can happen to any of us at any time. Just take a moment and research things going on today that can effect us like the water issue in Toledo. There are many instances that can cause us to be without sustainable resources and we need to start taking precautions and building our own survival resources for those times.

There are many things to consider when developing your survival strategy. Most important is the extended period should any disaster occur. It is easy to purchase Food kits for your family and depending on what storage space you have and what your finances are you can purchase kits that last a year or more. But that food will eventually run out and so this brings me and you to the extended survival resources. What I am talking about is a survival garden.

Here is a quote from Food4Patriots

"During a time of crisis, there may (or may not) eventually be government assistance that can provide some basic food items… but the type of food that will be the hardest to come by will be fresh fruit and vegetables. By having a survival garden, you will be able to provide your family with fresh produce without having to rely on help from outside sources. It’s the prefect complement to your emergency food stockpile."

I do believe that this is something that should be taken serious and that we all have a responsibility to research and make our own conclusions to what is beneficial for our own circumstances.

I will be bringing you more information and product reviews on this subject. I have started to get survival products for myself that I will test and then give you a review of what my experiences are related to those products.

I invite you to follow my Blog or Facebook page to get the reviews when they are posted. Thank you and God Bless.

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