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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's talk labels

So over the past week or so I have been giving a lot of thought about labels. We all label ourselves and each other with various labels. Some are very demeaning and some are encouraging.

One label I want to really break down and discuss in this blog post is the "I'm a Christian" label.

This is going to be a hard one to swollow for many people. It was one that really started to make me think about myself to start with. I have always considered mysel a Christian because of my beliefs and acceptance of the word of God, and this is how a majority of people look at it. However I have taken a stance now that I am just a man of faith. I say this because I believe that until such time as we can truly change our ways and really live our lives as Christ did and the apostles were while Jesus was here with them, we cannot call ourselves Chritians. A Christian is a person that lives, works and serves others in a Christ like manner 24/7. I know we all do our best and try to live this way but we are just humans and we fail miserably at the task. Therefore I say that we are all people of faith and strive to follow the Christian ways but it does not make us Christians until such time as we have mastered the art of living Christ like.

So with that being my point of view and with the heart that I do not take things personally I would really love to hear your points of view on this topic as I believe we all have something to share on the subject and the more we share the more we can all learn.

God bless everyone and may we all strive to learn the truth.

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