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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Productive Day

Yet another very productive day and such a wonderful day it has been to be out and about. Fall is here and what a time to see all the great changes starting to take place in the trees. Those with cameras need to be getting them out and focused :) I am not sure how much I can take with the iPad but I will do my best and share with you all that I see.

Well anyways besides being out and getting my bike repaired, I did hear and see an interesting occurrence while waiting at Walmart at the Service Desk area.

An associate brought a lady pushing a cart with a kid in it and some groceries to talk to the CSM. The lady was apparently very upset because the cashier seemed rude because she did not greet her or wish her a good day when she left the register. Now my thought on this was ...REALLY? You actually base your happiness on whether or not someone says Hi or Bye to you at a cash register....WOW. In that case I should also be upset because as she walked away I said to her to have a great day and smiled and she just gave me such a shitty look. So my conclusion to the scenario was that The cashier may have just been having a rough day and this person ended up having a worse day because she just cannot realize the fact that you should not take anything personally.

I think it is humorous that so many people base their happiness on what other people do or say or even how they act towards you. I think if we each just walked around with the mindset that we really do not have any idea what people are dealing with in their lives and just give everyone a smile and be courteous to others we will be pleasantly surprised just how much we can change someones day or attitude. We need to take a moment and just take a deep breath and say "I am Well and I am going to make someones day today"  Kindness goes a long way so please remember to always be kind to everyone and a little more to those that seem to be having a rough day

Another article I came across and found very interesting to read today was an article by Jordan Kranda and it was about how people just read something and presume it to be true and comment without knowing the facts. It is very interesting and you can read it here

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I wish you all a great weekend ahead and God Bless.

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