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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stop choking the chicken

Ok so I guess the title to this post got your attention. I just wanted to drop a short post on one of my pet peeves (I know I have plenty) lol.

Here is the thing. I am a man of Faith, I believe in God the father, Jesus Christ his son and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). I try to live my life as righteous as I know how. One thing I do not approve of or like is when I get religion shoved down my throat. I do not believe for one second that God approves of that. If he did then he would not have given us Free Will. 

I believe that we should live our lives how we want and if for any reason you find that my life or anyone else's life  is better than yours then feel free to ask me or those people what We are doing that always puts a smile on our faces and gives us a joyous heart, I promise you we would be more than happy to share our joy with you no matter what it is that gives us that joy. People of true Faith will not force their beliefs on you, they will live out their beliefs and when you see the light you will know and your soul will be compelled to want to be with those folks and share in the love.

Live your life and do what is right in your heart to be happy.

Stay Calm and be Happy, Happy, Happy just as Phil Robertson #duckdynasty would say.

Love you all.
Peace out.

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