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Monday, September 15, 2014

The week ahead

So looking at the week ahead we are going to be in for some really nice weather temperature wise here in Southwest Missouri. We do have some potential for rain Monday, Wednesday and next weekend but we all know how that can change :)

So weather looks fine, politics still has much to desire and as for society, well the rate we are going there is not much to be over excited about. People are really snagged hook line and sinker in the mindset of everything will be alright and things will change. Well don't get me wrong, it is possible for things to change if we SNAP out of this slack mindset we are in and bust out some elbow grease and some COMMON SENSE.

I believe in my heart that there are still those that have common sense and will rise again and lead this fine country and many others the way they should be lead, with honesty, integrity and with the love of God at the forefront.

With that said I know it will probably stir a hornets nest of resentment for my comment. Remember this principle.... There are no justified resentments. I believe in what I do and what I share with all who will read or listen. And if you really sit for a moment and be silent and go deep into your own being, I believe you will find what it is that really makes your heart love and makes you happy.

I sat and meditated and asked God this question the other day......

How can I achieve total peace and tranquility with the universe?

after about 30 minutes of meditation His answer to me was.......

Just love one another.

And that is just how simple everything is in this beautiful universe of ours. It is not complicated and it does not matter what you believe in or what religion it is that you practice. The bottom line and the foundation of peace and tranquility in our universe is "Just Love one another." And yes it really is that easy.

With that I leave you all in love and peace this week with the following quote.....

GOD  Bless you.

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