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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time for another Post

Well the time has come for another post and to discuss something that may or may not interest many people.

I sit and I listen to may discussions and watch videos and broadcasts of all that is going on around me and around the world. And I listen to all the opinions that people have regarding finances, politics, social media etc.

The thing I find amazing in all this is that many people have a legitimate argument for change and if they were able to make the change then there could be amazing benefits to our way of life and the world for most parts, yet nobody does anything to make things happen. Everyone just talks about it and then forgets about it. I find this a very sad state of affairs that our society has come to this.

Those that do get out there and share their views are ridiculed for their opinions because that is just how we have become programmed to think from the time we start school until we leave college and beyond. People have lost the know how on how to think for themselves, We think that we are "Free" to say and express how we feel but we are so terribly wrong in today's society to think that. The powers that be control all aspects of what we do and what we say.

We need to step out of the bubble and take back our freedom of thought and the power to speak what we feel and act how we are supposed to act and not become a more oppressed society as we have. We are becoming human drones and just a bunch of sheeple. This needs to change and change fast as we are heading down the autobahn to a certain destruction.

What I am saying here is nothing new and has been said for the last 2 decades that I have followed the downward trend of our society and the way people exist day to day.

I really want to somehow get everyone's attention and show them that they need to wake up and pay attention and realize that they have the potential and ability to make change happen, and it does not have to be a violet method to make this change. We can achieve great things when we all come together in unity and love. The universe is an amazing creation and was created to function as a whole and for it to be filled with love and understanding for each other. We need to bring that back.

I am a firm believer that the only way to really start getting on track is to follow a very simple and structured path that has been laid out so well by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Don Miguel Ángel Ruiz, better known as Don Miguel Ruiz, is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts. His teachings are similar to New Age philosophies which focuses on the Ancient Toltec teachings.

The teachings are simple:....

Be impeccable with your word
Don’t take anything personally
Don’t make assumptions

Always do your best

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May you all have a Blessed Day and rest of the week. God Bless

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