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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Hump Day

Well it is yet another week in progress. The amazing thing is just how much we start getting challenged when working towards a more peaceful and spiritual path for ourselves.
I find it extremely interesting how people that just cannot move forward start to become haters and just cannot bear to see anyone else move towards personal happiness and have to try everything under the sun to cause you pain and suffering by any means possible.

I just want them all to know that whatever they try, may stall the move to a happier realm and more peaceful existence with the Creator of our Universe but they will never succeed in stopping the positive move we make in our lives. All happiness starts within us all and as long as we remember that our story is written by ourselves we can always change the chapter we are going through by changing the script and making a better story line.

I think my favorite mentor on the path to personal freedom and happiness is Dr.Wayne Dyer and if you have the chance to watch his movie about "The Shift" then you will have a better understanding about yourself and just how much power you have to change the way things are in your life.I have also started reading and studying the book by Lao Tzu called the Tao Te Ching as well as still going through the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ángel Ruiz.

Remember that life is really and truly what we make it and that there are no coincidences. Have a great rest of the week and God Bless.

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