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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Can things change?

Tuesday morning is upon us here in South Africa. Today will be one week that I am now officially back on home turf. I have to just say that I am a little disappointed to see that in 17 years there has been zero progress and a 100% negative growth in this beautiful country. I find it so sad that after all these years they still blame everything that is going wrong on apartheid.

But then again is there any government in the world that is without corruption of some sort or other. The sad thing is when it is so obvious and people are just so blind to see it or do something about it. Here in this country the people being hurt most with all the bad management., are the black South Africans. I have no idea what cool aid they are being given but someone really needs to step up to the plate and create some serious positive change if things are ever to change and this country become a prosperous one that we all know it has the potential to be. 

The question we need to ask is, how does one motivate people that do not seem to have the will to better themselves or the country. I have to add that this is a majority of the people that I have encountered. Too many people would rather just sit and expect a handout for everything than actually take account of a situation and make a change.

What this country needs is a political party that can make common sense decisions and not be random and idiotic  as the ANC. I mean if we just look at the past decade and realize that they have had no strategy at all and just make random, non logical decisions then I for one would have never voted for them again. Please do not get me wrong, making a call to give every citizen of South Africa electricity in their houses is a great thing. You just don't rush into doing it without upgrading the power grid and power stations first. 

I believe that now would be the time to start doing some aggressive research and to start an information campaign throughout the country on what exactly each political party has to offer, then look back at all the promises made by the ANC and just how many they have actually come through on. 

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