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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Daily Rant 05-16

Well considering that it is 7:40am, this may be a little pre-mature. But when you wake up at this time of the morning and the house you are in is at 37deg F (3deg C), you sit and wonder WTF am I doing here. I mean really people, things may be on the tough side economically, but you have to at least keep the place you live in at some sort of bearable and comfortable level. I do not want to be bundled up like a freaking Eskimo when I am inside a house in South Africa.

You would think however that the powers that be, would have the common sense to upgrade one of the basic nescessities of a country.......The damn power supply and grid. Oh never mind, I forgot where I was for a minute there and that there are no people in government here that have any sense.

Done for now :)
God Bless and stay as warm as you can.

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