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Friday, July 17, 2015

Tough to be back

I returned back home to South Africa in May 2015. To start with I have had a tough time getting my drivers license sorted out due to the incompetence of the officials at the Johannesburg International airport. For some mysterious reason there is no record of me coming back home and so they cannot convert my license from my ID book to the new card system until they have proof of my return. After much negotiating they have accepted a copy of my flight ticket and a copy of my emergency travel documents as proof, so now we just wait for the officials in Cape Town to approve this.

They other major snag I have run into is finding employment. To date I have sent out over 200 applications and have only had 3 responses which I am still waiting to hear about. I think this has been the roughest part of my adult life having to depend on others for my survival. With no money or income things are really tough and an eye opener to how things have really become in this country.

I just pray and hope for the best and that things will change soon. I will continue to blog as I get the chance to find Internet access which I must add is another huge disappointment for me. 

God Bless and I wish you all a fantastic weekend ahead.

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