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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shaun desperately needs medical assistance.

So again I find myself back at the blogging table :), not that it is a bad thing. I have been away from it all for a while and now that I have a real cause to work on I have decided that my social media avenues are where I can find my solitude.

I have found myself at a point where my family is in need and it is time again that I step up to the plate and offer my assistance to help out. As some of you already know I have been pushing the Facebook Page for Shaun (who is my first cousins son) as well as the GoFundMe campaign to try and acquire the funds required to help him out with his medical needs.

Shaun has been unable to work for some time now due to illness and needing a kidney transplant. He has been diabetic since a young boy and has recently taken a bad spell with his kidneys packing up. He was on a program at the Government Hospital where he was in line for a kidney operation and was receiving Dialysis while waiting. Unfortunately due to a turn for the worst he has had to have first his foot amputated and now his leg just below the knee.

Due to this change in his health he has been removed from the program and no longer qualifies for the Kidney Transplant program. This also means that he no longer received free Dialysis.

With that being said I have started to raise funds via GoFundMe to try and help out with getting Shaun onto a medical aid and to help support him for as long as possible to take the strain off of him and the family.

I realise that any of us are in the same boat when it comes to finances and we are unable to Donate to help out. So I ask you all that you share and post this Blog and the Facebook and GoFundMe pages wherever possible to help get the word out.

Thank you again for your time and prayers for Shaun and His Family.

God Bless.

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