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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our disconnected society

Over the past few weeks I have been seriously taking a look at how we as citizens of this planet have lost our connection to the Universe and each other. The disconnection is so apparent yet the majority of people do not see it. Change can only occur when we take the effort to change ourselves.

This is not a religious but a Spiritual request to everyone. We can all agree that we come from a higher entity no matter what religion you follow. This is what we have to focus on and begin to understand that sharing love and helping each other is the only way to achieve greatness and make this planet a better place for everyone now and in the future.

There have been many calls for this action over time yet things have been slow to progress. NOW is the time to DO, as it becomes more and more of an issue the longer it is not dealt with and that my friends will be our short coming if we let the trend of NOT DOING continue. We have to spread this message like wild fire to make a difference. We have to get off our butts and DO to make the difference.

There are plenty of resources to give us insight and help with sharing the positive messages to our communities. You can start by joining and creating a community forum on Ubuntu and let me know when you do so I an connect to your circle as well. Lets reconnect again with each other and nature and live harmoniously with the Universe.

Follow my blog as I will be sharing more info and links to great resources over the following weeks. You can find me on Facebook and on Twitter.

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