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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The huge #DurbanFire in Rossburgh

What a day yesterday turned out to be. I was at Gateway Mall and at about 11am I noticed that there was a weird aura outside and went to take a look. At first I thought it was a storm rolling in because of the wind and what looked to be a strange cloud rolling across the sky.

I soon found out that this was a huge warehouse fire that had broken out at a Transnet facility off South Coast Road in Rossburgh. It was unreal how huge the smoke plume was and it just grew larger and larger. In the late afternoon around 3:30pm it was like evening in Umhlanga. On the way home at 4:30pm I took another picture along North Coast Road.

And then managed to get a shot on the N2 South Bound around the Umgeni Road interchange.
I got some feedback from Shelley who lives on the bluff that it  was still burning strong in the early evening and got this picture from her.
This morning she let me know that the fire was still burning strong and the smoke was still thick and rising up from the site. I will be heading that way later today and will see if I can get any aftermath photos of this devastation. I am also waiting to hear what the environmental impact is of this fire.As of yesterday the Smoke had formed a cloud that went from Rossburgh to Ballito on the North Coast. I am sure it has gone much further than that this morning.

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